Online Sessions

Online Sessions

My Clinic is now mobile and during my stays abroad, I am conducting coaching / counseling / therapy sessions over the internet. (online) 

 (Skype mostly, and sometimes Messenger on Facebook).

I am on a sabbatical abroad. Working and Traveling, practicing writing, photography and staying in places that are abundant with nature.

Is it possible to feel comfortable in an online meeting as in a conversation face to face?

 As person who likes the personal, face to face meetings, I used to think an online encounter inevitably will reduce the quality of a professional intimate personal conversation.

Over the years, when coaching managers from other parts of the worldת I've learned to know that Internet calls are not less effective and productive.

During the last year, through the experience of providing counseling and therapy online, I've come to realize that the unique features that are so fundamental to the therapeutic relationship are still very much there; when meeting online.

 Moreover, in many cases it happens that precisely that physical distance, when the client is in his/her private area, the sense of security when being in a f comfortable physical place , contributes to lower the level of anxiety and leads to the desired ease and openness.

How to prepare and tune in to a meeting?

To make the most out of this meeting, you may want to make sure that you are in a quiet and comfortable space, where there are no other people or background noise that might disturb you to be present in our meeting. Preferably where you have your privacy and you can express yourself freely.

Important: it is advisable to turn off mobile devices before the start of the meeting so you can be focused on what matters to you.

How can you schedule a meeting?

To Schedule a free intro with Noa Yerushalmi  https://schedulewithnoa.as.me/

You may also contact me through whatsapp 972546799107

or send me an email to info@coach.co.il

Feel free to inquire and ask me whatever it is that is important to you before scheduling the meeting by e-mail or Whatsapp or via the website here!