Cross cultural & global coaching

Are you about to relocate?

Are you returning home after having been abroad for a time?

Are you in a business conversation with companies in China, Japan, the United States?

Do you feel you lack the necessary “cultural competence” to manage your business transactions effectively with colleagues or competitors overseas?

Do you run up against “business codes” that are unclear to you, making you wonder whether you are behaving appropriately for the business environment in a particular country? 

 Would you like to communicate effectively and empower the teams under your leadership, which are made up of people from all over the world?

In the global economy of the 21st century, cross-border collaboration has become the norm. Employees at all levels are in business communication with partners overseas, just as people from various cultures are sitting next to us in our offices.

While this reality creates wonderful opportunities for collaboration and sharing ideas, it can also lead to misunderstandings that stem from lack of cultural knowledge. Such misunderstandings can lead to frustration, which can have a negative effect on results, productivity, and teamwork.

The goal of global coaching is to help companies, organizations and individuals become conversant, act effectively, and develop the skills and abilities that assist in acclimating more smoothly to a business environment in a foreign culture.

Identifying the problems that arise from cultural differences is a doorway to increasing awareness and the ability to create appropriate solutions. Sensitivity to diversity has become an important competitive advantage. For example, improving the appearance of the manager in a different culture can help to achieve results.

Global cross-cultural coaching can help you focus on the following:

  • Cultural sensitivity and respect for diversity in business and cultural behavioral norms
  • Understanding interpersonal skills and dealing effectively with people from different cultures, statuses and levels 
  • Flexibility and tools for managing frustrations in the best way possible and coping effectively with disappointment, rudeness, and impolite behavior 
  • Support for the family, acclimation of the spouse and family members so that they get the knowledge they need, support the move abroad, and are interested in and curious to experience new opportunities in a different culture


With my many years of experience in coaching managers, as well as my having lived abroad for many years, I provide coaching, empowering and support to managers and business people whose work involves forming good relationships with colleagues from different cultures.