Life Coaching

Life Coaching

The concept of coaching was once known only in the field of sports. Today it is successfully applied in businesses, organizations and personal life

Coaching enables the "coachee" to step out of the "square" in which he or she lives , and to move out to those places he or she dreams of and aspires to.

Coaching enables people to create breakthrough results and provides a space for creating and actualizing dreams.

Its is neither a psychological nor a consulting process. It is a brave dialogue and partnership between coach and coachee, in which the coachee learns to recognize the powerful resources that he/she owns, and learns to effectively map the opportunities that come along his/her way .

The coachee uses the coaching to create his/her vision and targets and to actualize them.

In order for the coaching to succeed the coachee must be committed to perseverance and above all to breaking through.