Psychotherapy and Counseling






The importance of a good therapy is in the way it relieves suffering and help us move away from situations in life where we are stuck, and gain a meaningful experience of emotional development and growth. The ability to take the first step of contacting a therapist often marks the beginning of a positive process and shows the strength of the person seeking therapy.

The decision as to when to seek therapy has to do not only with the degree of suffering and pain, but also with one's  desire to change things in himself/ herself and in his/her life. In case of hesitation, introductory appointments are available, offering the opportunity to see whether psychotherapy, coaching, or counseling is right for you.

In my years of work as a clinical psychologist and a Coach,I have accumulated a great deal of experience with a wide variety of people .

In my work, I combine various therapy methods and use various tools to tailor the therapy to each client’s unique personality in a way that meets his or her needs and enables maximum growth.

I believe that each person is unique and a world unto him- or herself.

Good therapy is attentive to the unique and specific world of each client. I believe in the soul’s ability to heal itself and in human beings’ ability to change, grow, and thrive.

Who comes for therapy? People come for therapy who feel unsatisfied; feel that they are not fulfilling themselves completely, feel stuck in their relationships, careers, studies, or families; who, when they make choices, are afraid that they cannot deal with them effectively; who experience loneliness, and who are searching for direction and meaning. The ones who seek therapy are people who have decided that they want to live better lives. Therapy is done through conversations in my clinic in Tel Aviv.

Short-term therapy for specific issues

Are you interested in solving a specific problem that does not require long-term therapy?

If you need short-term counseling about a specific unsolved issue, problem, or matter, several counseling sessions can be tailored for it. In these sessions, clients can receive help and support in making decisions, focusing questions, clarifying things from various viewpoints, and getting an interesting perspective through the eyes of a professional.

Counseling for specific issues is not a replacement for therapy. It sometimes happens that clients seek longer-term therapy after a session dedicated to solving a specific problem.

Clients may come for several sessions as needed, for short-term counseling.








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